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NEW DOUBLE ALBUM !!! Complete Bach Cello Suites

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 Bach Cello Suites 


Ten Years Passed 








 Bach, Britten, Martin


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"Complete Bach Cello Suites (arranged for guitar)" - Gale Recordings 14-006 

Michael's arrangement of the complete cycle of the

Six Suites for Unaccompanied Cello BWV 1007-1012 by Johann Sebastian Bach

on two discs

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"a monumental achievement"


"Tampering with Bach's "holy writ" takes courage as well as skill and Nicolella clearly has both... The recorded sound is resonant and clear, setting off Nicolella's smooth virtuosity and the great freedom of his playing in performances that show the suites in an entirely new light"


Complete Bach Cello Suite reviews



"Ten Years Passed" - Gale Recordings 10-005 


featuring the Northwest Symphony Orchestra, conductor - Anthony Spain and violinist Irene Mitri

"Classical iconoclast Michael Nicolella continues to push the boundaries of the genre as both a composer and a player."


"Every once in a while a CD comes along for review which is completely innovative and unlike most others in its sheer inventiveness and musicality; here is this year's one for me."


Ten Years Passed reviews

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release date 2010

1. Prelude

Michael Nicolella

(solo classic guitar)

2. Ten Years Passed

Michael Nicolella

(electric guitar and orchestra - featuring the Northwest Symphony Orchestra)

3. Drei Tentos

Hans Werner Henze

(solo classic guitar)

4. Il Est Né, Le Divin Enfant

Robert Beaser

(classic guitar and violin - featuring Irene Mitri))

5. Shenandoah

Robert Beaser

(solo classic guitar)

6. Garden of Love

Jacob ter Veldhuis

(electric guitar and "boombox")

7. 8. Prelude and Fugue

Octavio Vazquez

(solo classic guitar)

9. Bobby J

Laurence Crane

(solo electric guitar)

10. Dreams on a Lullaby

Frank Wallace

(solo classic guitar)

11. Yesterday

Lennon/mcCarntney (arr. Toru Takemitsu)

(solo electric guitar)


Pieces by Nicolella, Vazquez and Wallace premier recordings  

Cover image by Richard Kehl 

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"SHARD" - Gale Recordings 05-004 


*featuring the Northwest Symphony Orchestra, conductor - Anthony Spain 

"endlessly rewarding release from one of the contemporary guitar's most gifted stars"


Shard reviews

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release date 2005

1. Toccata and Fugue

Michael Nicolella

(solo classical guitar)

*Guitar Concerto

Michael Nicolella

2. I. Forceful and Driving

3. II. Pensive

4. III. Lilting (Passacaglia)

5. IV. Joyous and Driving

(classical guitar and orchestra)

6. Surfacing Through the Mire

Michael Nicolella

(solo classical guitar)

Electric Counterpoint

Steve Reich

7. I. Fast

8. II. Slow

9. III. Fast

(multi-tracked guitars and bass)

10. Shard

Elliott Carter

(solo classical guitar)

11. GRAB IT!

Jacob ter Veldhuis

(elecric guitar and boombox)

12. Ode Tounami

Joshua Kohl

(solo classical guitar)

13. grey angel

Christopher DeLaurenti

(electric guitar and pre-recorded sound)

14. Lullaby

David Paul Mesler

(solo classical guitar)

Pieces by Nicolella, Kohl, DeLaurenti and Mesler premier recordings

Cover image by Richard Kehl

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"PUSH" - Gale Recordings 00-002

a display of stunning technical skill and unfailing musicality over a very broad spectrum  


remarkable...breathtaking...superb...a fully enlightened musician of our time.


"Push" reviews

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release date 2000 

with Thomasa Eckert - voice, Alexis Odell - harp, Felix Skowronek- flute, Rob Tucker - percussion, Joan Woodard - violin

1. Toccata y Lamento (1987)

Roberto Sierra

2. Primavera Portena (1970)

Astor Piazzolla

3. Open Up Your Ears (1997)

Bryan Johanson

     (solo classical guitar)

4. Push (1997)

John Fitz Rogers

     (solo electric guitar)

Tales of Velocity and Abandon (1995)

Richard Kranjac

5. Prelude

6. Berceuse

7. Pagan Dance

     (solo classical guitar)

8. Three Brief Episodes (1997)

Michael Nicolella

     (solo classical guitar)

9. Bridges (1990)

Michael Nicolella

     (flute, violin, guitar, percussion)

10. Equinox (1993)

Toru Takemitsu

     (solo classical guitar)

11. Black is the Color (1964)

Trad/Luciano Berio

     (voice, harp, guitar)

12. Sequenza XI (1988)

Luciano Berio

     (solo classical guitar)

13. Little Wing (1967)

Jimi Hendrix

     (solo electric guitar)

Tracks 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 - premiere recordings

Tracks 11, 13 premiere recordings of these arrangements

cover image by Richard Kehl "Chart for Locating the Blind Spot"

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"Transit" Gale Recordings 02-003


Composer John Fitz Rogers' epic CD length piece for electric guitar and computer-driven virtual ensemble featuring soloist Michael Nicolella 

an impassioned, intense manifesto that used the guitar and a wide palette of electronic sounds to comment on,

it seemed, the whole of music history....expertly played by Michael Nicolella...[a] heartfelt journey


Transit reviews

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release date: 2002

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"Bach, Britten, Martin" - Gale Recordings 92-001  


High virtuosity. This is classical guitar at its best


"Bach Britten Martin" reviews

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 release date 1993

Prelude, Fugue and Allegro (BWV 998)

Johann Sebastian Bach

 1. Prelude


  2. Fugue 

  3. Allegro

Quatre Piéces Bréves (1933)

Frank Martin

  4. Prelude


  5. Air

  6. Plainte

  7. Comme une Gigue

8. Ciaccona

Johann Sebastian Bach

 (from Partita in d minor for solo violin BWV 1004)

Nocturnal, Op. 70 (1963)

Benjamin Britten

  9. Musingly


  10. Very agitated

  11. Restless

  12. Uneasy

  13. March-like

  14. Dreaming

  15. Gently rocking

  16. Passacaglia/Theme

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